Random crashes, not sure what problem is, HELP PLEASE


Feb 2, 2007
System - AMD Athlon 64 3200
Crucial ram - 2GB DDR 400 pc3200 ram
motherboard - MSI k8n Neo FSR - version 1
Seagate HDD's 250 GB / 160 GB (both s-ata)
nvidia eVGA geforce 6800

NO overclocking done, fresh install and everything.

I'm pretty experienced with using a computer, I fix everything myself usually because I can use google. After I reinstalled lately to try out vista, I figured out that not all drivers worked, even though I liked it, so I went back to XP.

I reinstalled everything normally, and upgraded some drivers I didn't before since I didn't have problems. Well, now my system crashes every time I play a game. Sometimes it won't happen for a while, while playing. Sometimes it just dies as I load it right away. There is no actual error that appears and tells me what is wrong, it just has tearing on the screen and makes a screeching sound on my speakers, and everything locks up. Only thing I can do is reset manually.

So i did myself a favor and did check disk, nothing. I used seagate's maintenance to do the self drive test, extended over night. Nothing. I redid my bios. I reinstalled three versions of my nvidia forceware. I changed sound drivers, changed sound cards, disabled onboard sound, a lot.

Now I finally did something that might have shed some light on my problem. I installed PCalert 4 from MSI.

If anyone can help or add suggestions of what I should try (besides OS reinstall) please tell me. I wanna try everything before reinstalling and make sure it's hardware before software.


Jan 31, 2006
I don't think the Red reading for the +12 is good but don't know what it should be. On an old MSI 865PE when I ran the MSI utility that you could use to do some clocking adjustments it kept resetting the voltage lower than it should and caused crashes. I uninstalled the software and manually set up the voltage in the BIOS and never had another problem. Wish I could remember the details but it was a number of years ago with a board haven't used to several years but might be a place to start