Random Crashes


Mar 25, 2012
Her are my specs.

Mobo; MSI 890FXA-GD65
Graphics; XFX Radeon HD6770
CPU; AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40GHZ
Windows 7 64

My computer will go dead for no apparent reason. Sometime while gaming, it has happened twice during SWTOR, other time I just can't seem to wake it up, even though the power manager is set to not sleep.

Here is what happens... The monitor blanks out and appears to go to sleep. The fans continue to run, but nothing responds. I have to turn off the PSU to get the computer to turn off, the buttons on the front of the case will not respond. I thought this may be a heat issue, so I added a case fan (now I have 4 case fans), turned them all up, and it is still happening. Oh and also I have an ECO water cooler for the AMD chip.

Also when this started, about a month ago, I did a clean install of Windows and took out my SSD (I thought that was the issue). Still keeps happening.

Any Ideas anyone. Mobo, PSU, GPU???

Any help is greatly appreciated.



The PSU is adequate. Troubleshooting from afar is a bit risky, but it sounds to me like a failing motherboard component(s). The components/chip set/etc. on the board control the shut down, restart, sleep mode, wake up (via the O/S). If the board is too old to RMA, you may be in need of new one.