random crashes

Sep 15, 2019
not sure if this is the right palce for this question but...

i've been having crashes that started about 3-4 days ago when i updated my drivers and windows updated.
i think directx might have something to do with it, bfv crashes after 2-5 minutes but i canm solve this by using Directx 11 instead of 12. but..division 2 works fine on 12. other games that crash are rage 2, greedfall, gtav was crashing but i switched to directx 10, ac origins.

but games like devil may cry 5 are working fine, no mans sky, vrchat, sims 4. everything seems inconsistant. witcher 3 was also crashing but i installed some direct x 10 june update thing.

i was ready to think it was my rtx 2080 ti's vram but surely if division 2 works, all these other things would? and bfv works a little longer before crashing if i downclock memory speed.
i have a
i9 9900k no overclock
16gb ram
rtx 2080 ti
windows 10 64-bit.