Question Random crashing/hanging

Aug 17, 2020

I've been experiencing some strange freezing/hanging behaviour recently and I'm not really sure where to start diagnosing the issue.

I built my first PC maybe six weeks ago and it's been running fine with no issues, but in the last two weeks it's frozen up four times (twice in one day). It's not a complete freeze, but usually I'll suddenly notice one program stop working, and then the rest start to lock up and become unresponsive. It just happened today for instance, and while I was working away in Excel, Spotify suddenly started skipping (just like a record player repeats the same second, over and over again). I run the Hardware Monitor widget and that always becomes unresponsive as well (temps/speeds all stop updating). From there, some programs I'm able to close (but not open again) while others are completely locked. Task manager doesn't work and I'm not able to shut down or restart via the start menu. Only a hard reboot using the power button works.

I've seen a few posts talking about Chrome and how it can sometimes cause freezing. I've had Chrome open every time this has happened, but I can't pin down any patterns. It was just open in the background this most recent time. I've also seen some threads about Ryzen + Windows 10 freezing, but those symptoms don't seem to be exactly what I'm experiencing. Keyboard and mouse still works for me, it's just most programs stop working and core functions (shut down/task manager) become unresponsive.

Any thoughts on where to start here? Does this sound like hardware or software? I almost lost a bit of work today but luckily Excel was able to recover most of it. Worried that this is going to become more frequent and the risk of losing work will increase.

My specs:

CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H
Ram: Teamgroup 16GB DDR4 3200H
SSD/HDD: Western Digital 500GB SSD M.2 (99gb left - adding HDD soon)
GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 KO
PSU: Corsair CX550M
OS: Windows 10 2004

Thanks, appreciate any advice.
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Oct 22, 2020
Same problem, almost the same hardware and Chrome is also always open at all times. Until i find a fix, im gonna switch to Edge and see what happens for a few days. Will keep you updated.

Update 24 hours later. Haven't been using Chrome, only Microsoft Edge and it froze once on me so far. Can't seem to find any other consistent reason.

Update about 3 days after last one. Have been using edge, haven't had a freeze/crash yet on windows 10. Looks like it was chrome after all!
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