Question Random Data Corruption on 2 Year Old Custom System


Oct 20, 2008
It's been fine to my knowledge until last month.

The first issue was with one of my boot drives that I use only for gaming. I have a work drive that I run daily for 8-10 hours on the same workstation.

I don't get to game very often, and this was a clean Win11 install, all updates. Out of nowhere it was unable to go into sleep or even shutdown without rebooting or waking up after a random amount of time.

The work boot drive OS was not effected by this and was still able to shut down or go into sleep mode.

Running check disk did find some items to repair but I was not able to fix the reboot issue.

I had then gotten into the habit of turning off the power supply after the PC was powered off, only after using the gaming boot drive.

Then last week a number of files in a directory I'd been working in that week were missing or corrupted. The are VMs with a large 80GB virtual disk. The work boot drive is now stuck in a boot loop failing to start windows.

For the last few nights I’ve been running Prime95 on the still bootable game drive and there have been no errors. Only last night the PC rebooted. I was again letting Prime95 run but there had never been any errors. I’m not sure why it rebooted this night.

I hate random issues. :(

RAM? CPU? The new SN580X SSD is the last upgrade back in November 2022.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Xtreme - AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
System Drive: WD 3.7TB NS850X SSD - Data Drive: WD 1.8TB NS850 SSD
Power Supply: Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX