Question Random disconnection and freezing laptop

Nov 18, 2018
I hope someone can help me to find the route of my problem. :)

My internet connection disconnects and sometimes my laptop freezes.

I have this problem via wifi and cable connection through router and also if I plug the internet cable straight into my laptop via PPPOE connection.

The disconnection comes faster if I stream a video and/or watch a movie from my laptop. So for example if I watch a movie in 720p I have to remove internet connection, otherwise my laptop will freezes after a certain time. Same thing happens if I download via torrent and do anything else in browser or just play some card game on laptop.

This issue started 5-6 weeks ago and since then, I cleaned up the CPU fan, checked cables, tried another router and reinstalled windows 10 several times but the issue is still here.

I am wondering that is this issue can be that some malware runs in background from other drives (I have SSD and HHD with all together 3 used partitions) or my laptop hardware start to die (7 years old laptop) ?????

I use Acer v3-571g with a gigabit LAN card and an "n" type wifi card, 8gb ram, Geforce 640m and integrated videocards. I have windows 10 as operation system.

Thanks to read that much and hope you can give me some help.