Question Random distorted, flickering image issue ?

Apr 14, 2022
I've recently started having an issue with my 27-inch 240Hz 1080p Samsung CRG5 (model LC27RG50FQUXEN) monitor, where it randomly flickers a distorted/shifted version of the screen. Here's a handful of videos showing the issue off:

Worth noting that the monitor OSD also flickers, but if I run the "self-diagnosis", which just displays 8 colour bars, the image never flickers.

Easiest way to reproduce it is to open a mostly white page (e.g. notepad, paint, this forum, etc.), though something I've noticed is that adjusting the contrast and black equalizer (essentially the level of backlight brightness) makes it go away on such pages but it does still flicker randomly elsewhere (e.g. when watching videos or playing games).
I've tried 3 different DP cables and 1 HDMI cable and the issue persists. Tried both monitor HDMI ports and all 3 DP ports on the GPU (GTX 1080 Ti). Refresh rate, brightness, sharpness, colour correction, response time, eye-saver mode and Adaptive sync monitor options dont change a thing. Also, it's certainly not a driver issue, because it persists in safe mode and in Linux Mint, even when simply booted from an USB (so basic display drivers only).

Currently, as I'm typing this, the monitor isn't flickering, even though the forum page is mostly white, though it was just mere minutes earlier. Unplugging it from the wall and plugging it back in makes the issue go away, but not always.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and if it could be caused by the PC's DGPU or PSU (as they're both ~5 years old) or if it's most likely the monitor?

I currently don't have access to another computer/monitor/GPU/PSU so I'm unable to test any of those without taking it to a technician, so I figured I might as well ask here first before putting time and money on that.