Question Random Drastic Frame Drops in Certain Games


Jul 6, 2017
I have spent a lot of this lockdown playing some Black Ops 3 Zombies after purchasing it only a few weeks ago. The game ran well and without much difficulty until about this week.

The problem does seem to happen on other games like Battlefield 4 and the Witcher 3 but much more infrequently, with Black ops it's easily once a minute or so.

I have scoured forums for a few days now and have tried the following solutions, to no success:
Cleaning out my PC from dust
I undid the overclock on my CPU in the case that it might have been throttling.
I defragmented my Hard Drive and the SSD where Windows is installed.
I messed about with game files according to other people's solutions to similar problems.
I ran the games on the lowest graphics settings, still with frame drops.
I scanned my computer for viruses that could be causing spikes in CPU usage.

What I learned from trying all these solutions was very little but I hope you wonderful people might glean more from it.
All I am certain of is that in some games, at random times my FPS will drop by half for about second and from running MSI Afterburner's monitor; it seems that the cause is a massive spike in CPU usage from an average of 18-25% to upwards of 80%. The spike coincides with the frame lag in-game but it happens so suddenly and frequently I can't think why.

I appreciate any help you can offer and thank you in advance :).