Question Random ethernet cable disconnect

Nov 27, 2018
So im having this stupid issue where my ethernet cable randomly disconnects and i lose connection.It all started around time when i played gta v on fivem launcher so i dont know if there is any connection.Yeah ,swaping ethernet cable would be first thing to try out but i think its something else.Disconnect are random and they last from few seconds or untill i plug cable out and back in.That usually fix problem but sometimes it takes few tries.While its disconnected i tried to "wiggle" cable but it doesnt help, only replugging cable can help .I did ping tests on my ip and i found out when i hit disconnect it says few lines General failure,request timed out and destination host unreachable i have no idea what it means so please any help would be appreciated.Also while im disconnect my wifi works perfectly fine.Its either cable,motherboard,modem(ports) or software problem.Reinstalling windows is painful but i can try it if nothing else is left.

Things i tried: Reinstaling lan drivers.power management thing...
If u get the "disconnect" message, it's DEFINITELY cable, or RJ45 jacks. U can verify this by looking at the RJ45 LED by the PC/switch and the LINK LED would go dark. Verify jacks are clean, all pins straight and no dust balls. Doesn't hurt give it a squeeze of compressed air. If switch has green feature, disable it.