Question Random ethernet disconnect and possible windows hurdle.

May 9, 2020
Hello everyone, I have about a 5 second disconnect that happens when playing games, I suspect it may have something to do with my settings on the gbe family controller(Z170A Tomahawk MSI mobo)

I also am trying to reset my windows(Win 10 64 bit) which I achieved, but it left a bunch of stuff on my drives which I am rather sure I told it to delete, not only across the windows install drive, but the accompanying SSD secondary drive, seems only partly affected too, I mention this for the possibility that it may even have something to do with it, doubtful but I'm without much else to think on being a possible cause.

The main issue of course I will lose sleep and tears over is why I keep getting the disconnect, it did start randomly as well, and I'm not sure how to debug/troubleshoot it, it seems to be my side, but I can't be sure, and it is quite hard to test, or even see anything using ping-plotter, albeit I do notice some thin red lines on PP when doing a test which are spaced out but frequent, I am not too adept at being able to read the data or graphs that ping-plotter gives, the program appears a bit lackluster in that regard at least to someone such as myself.

and to my knowledge this does not happen much at all on wifi, I find myself switching to wifi to avoid the issue at times, it is a small antennae usb adapter which handles the wireless, but I can't rule it out without testing it either.

I should probably also mention, my ethernet port is blinking orange and has a solid green light, I'd assume at all times, this is how it has been since build stage, because of the nature of the randomness of the disconnect, I was unable to see what changed when it happens.

I should also mention this happens on any drive, on any game.

I am on satellite internet, but I know that this is not meant to happen, and it does not appear to be ISP side, I do have an inclination the router may be damaged, but it was working fine a month or so ago and it is not all that old.

I am unfortunately unable to go into the routers logs as the ISP maintain a strict no access to they're technology policy, one can not login whatsoever into the router page.

I am sorry for the badly written post and if I'm posting in the wrong place or anything, I am just truly at wits end after months of struggling with the problems I've already been having, and thank you in advance to anyone willing to suggest or help out in advance.
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