Question Random flickering at lower fps [30-50] but only with G-Sync enabled ?


Jan 26, 2016
Hi all.

My problem is random screen flickering at lower fps - when I cap fps from 30-50, 60fps or on games cutscenes.

Monitor LG 27gl650f-b GSync 144Hz
Original Display Port cable
Gpu Rtx 3080
CM V2 850w gold
ryzen 7 7700x
Windows 11 Pro

What I did?
  • Updated nvidia driver [previous ddu and clean install]
  • uninstalled monitor driver and installed latest version
  • Changed original DP cable to aftermarket [DP 1.4], flickering still there
  • On monitor settings I changed the DP version from 1.4 to 1.2 and problem is still there.
  • Turned off msi afterburner and rtss
  • Gpu on stock settings [no overclock or undervolt]
  • Turn on Vsync in nvidia control panel snd in the game
  • Changed second DP on a gpu
  • Didnt tried with hdmi
No flickers when I:
  • Turn off Gsync
  • Set DP on 1.1 version through monitor settings
Flickering is random. Before I didnt have it at all. DP version is 1.4 all the time and all settings are the same.

Could be the problem a gpu? I didnt have flickering at lower fps when I used my previous card 3070 Ti in June and Windows 10.


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