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Question Random FPS Drop

Jun 24, 2020
I am currently experiencing frame drop at random intervals. My computer will handle the fps perfectly fine for a while and then out of nowhere I will start to see stuttering. It starts off with small stutters that are far apart from each other, but the longer the pc stays on the more frequent and longer the stutters become. I have just recently swapped RAM, previously i had 2 8gb dual channel at 2400mhz. I have done a LOT of troubleshooting already as I have had this problem for a while, but cannot seem to find the issue. The only pseudo resolution is to restart the whole computer, and even then the stutters come back shortly after. I apologize in advance for not mentioning exact troubleshooting steps, however it has been in intervals that I have tried to fix this and can't remember exact steps, and I'm running out of options. I will say that it doesn't SEEM to be a temperature problem because I never get to a temperature that's out of range, however i will not rule that out. The most noticeable games I play with the frame drop is League of Legends, and Risk of Rain 2. So it's not like I'm running anything extremely graphic heavy. I have owned the laptop for very slightly over a year, and I want to say this has been a problem since day one. I did however think it would be an easy fix, and it turns out I was wrong. Please help.
Here are some specs and benchmarks