Question Random freezes and unable to install Windows?

Apr 1, 2020
Hello there,

Recently I experience strange things with my old desktop pc. I was using a windows 7 32bit on my pc which was good but started to freeze randomly. When I was clicking to open Computer or Control Panel it took a long time, or even copying files from one drive to another.
I decided to remove windows entirely and install a fresh one. so I cleaned two hard disks (completely) and tried to install windows 7 32&64bit with DVD.

It started but it stuck in "Expanding windows files" in some percentages like 5,8,60 and an error appeared: "windows cannot access the installation sources/ verify that installation sources are accessible"
I tried installing using a USB storage (using rufus and iso file) with different versions of windows (win 7 x32&64, win 10 x64) but the results were same as before.
I could install windows once after a few hours of installing but the freezing problem was still there!

I have tested both hard disk in other computers and they were healthy and functioning. I also tested them with "Hard Disk Sentinel pro" and they were 100 and 80 percent healthy.

I tested RAM and CPU with bootable tools and no errors were seen. I also tried to boot using a Ultra Boot CD and live windows and it was completely without any error and freezing!

I dont know what to do, I was suspicious of my motherboard because i was seeing some noises in the monitor which there isn't any noise when I plug that monitor to my laptop using the same cable!

here are pc hardware specs:
CPU: Intel core duo 2 E8400
RAM: 1 GB and 2 GB DDR2
HDD: 2 TB WD blue and 0.5 TB Seagate
Motherboard: Palit II-G31
VGA: Onboard

Anybody any idea? I will appreciate your help