Question Random freezes in games for 10-15 seconds

Apr 3, 2019
Hi forum, I’m getting random freezes for about 10-15 seconds in games and I’m not sure why.
Here’s the details: In every game I’ve tried (rocket league, diablo, wow, r6 seige) my games will just fully lock up for a bit, and 90% of the time it won’t crash and return to normal soon after.
I used evga precision to watch the hardware, and when they happen, my gpu drops to 0% for right around the same time, before I guess restarting itself, but the only thing turning me away from just getting another one is the fact that I have no other gpu problems, no artifacting, no monitor flicker, nothing.
My tests so far:
Updating drivers, didn’t work
Giving the gpu more voltage, fixed it for about 3 hours before it started back, or I just got lucky
I overclocked and then underclocked it, no changes
I’m running out of options! The freezes are fully random with no rhyme or reason why, and most of the time the mouse and other processes will freeze as well before everything just returns to normal.
I’ve got a Ryzen 5 and a gtx 1060, no overheating or anything like that either.