[SOLVED] Random freezing after installing additional RAM

Sep 28, 2020
I have seen other threads about this, but they all seem to be different in both initial problem and solution.

I had 8 GB of RAM, and I recently installed another 8 GB. Both in 4GB pairs, identical in every way as far as I can see (but I might not know about everything I should look for in CPU Z).

Mobo: MSI B85M-E45 (MS7817)
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.6GHz
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 1600MHz

Original RAM modules was in slots 1 & 3, installed the new ones in slots 2 & 4. I can post screenshots of CPU Z, but I can't see any difference between them other than "Week/Year" which I have no idea what indicates.

So the computer just randomly freezes up, but not everything at once. I thought at first it was an issue with Chrome, since that usually freezes first, but everything else seems to follow regardless. The only thing that resolves it is rebooting the machine. Any ideas?

PC Tailor

identical in every way as far as I can see
Unfortunately this doesn't really matter. There is a misconception that having matched specs mean they work well together and are "the same" when in reality, this is only a method of minimising risk, not eliminating it. Modules are sold in packs for a reason. RAM manufacturing is performed in clean rooms, and even dust can cause the composition of modules to change.

That and the manufacturing process can change often, and sometimes substantially, even if the "model" of the RAM is the same.

Best bet is probably to try just the new RAM by itself and see if the issue persists after CMOS reset, if yes, then potentially try each new module individually to see if one of them is faulty, and if so, replace the pack.

It could be a number of things, also populating all 4 DIMMS (especially when mixed) can also cause more complications in some situations. You also probably want to reset CMOS after each RAM change.