Question Random freezing on new build!

Dec 24, 2020
So i have been having this issue and have been trying fix after fix with no luck. Heres my issue- my new pc i just built will randomly freeze then black screen then i have to power off then back on to restart it. This freezing usually happens when im on the home screen after a few minutes of running with the rare freeze in game. Usually once i start a game the issue doesmt happen for hours.

Gpu- sapphire nitro+ 5700xt
Cpu- i9-9900k
Mobo- asus z390 gaming f
Psu- nzxt e850
Ram- 32 gb trident z royal 3600 cl18
Memory- 1 tb ssd, 1tb m.2 ssd, 2tb hdd
Cpu cooler- nzxt kraken x73
Case- nzxt h710i

I have tried reinstalling windows, checking ram, resetting bios, updating any and all drivers, its not a temp issue i have monitored it all, not an OC issue have turned them all off.
My guess is the amd drivers dont get along with some program probably some asus mobo stuff but idk how to go about fixing it. Any help is appreciated!