Question Random Freezing

Sep 15, 2019

So I got a problem with my current system and I've never seen this before and have been trying to figure it out for the past 1-2 years. At this point, if I can't get a solution I think I'm gonna build a new one in the next few weeks but I will list out my specs and explain my issue.


Graphics Card: GTX 1060 6GB
Processor: AMD 8350
Motherboard: AsRock 990 FX Killer
SSD: Crucial_CT256MX100
Hard drives: 2 WD Drives (one green one blue)
RAM: 16GB Patriot 2 sticks
Cooler: Kraken X62 Rev 2
Case: NZXT H440
Fans: All fans replaced with silent corsair fans
Power supply: Corsair TX 8350M

Now Keep in mind that this computer has had in the course of 1-2 years every part replaced or upgraded except the motherboard and hard drives / SSD. I've tested the drives and they are in good working condition so I've had no reason to replace those. The motherboard I haven't replaced because it would be a waste of time and just better to upgrade to build a new pc since the ram for this motherboard is ddr3 and that is pretty outdated now as well as the processor.

I get decent temps on idol and when I'm gaming it's not crazy high either considering its an 8350.

idol temps:

The Issue I'm Facing

If I turn off my computer overnight and turn it back on later the next day it will go through a few hours worth of freezing. Each time I boot it it will last maybe 5-30 minutes and just freeze, everything is still running in the background but the display is frozen and the mouse and keyboard are not responsive. So then I would have to restart it manually shutting it down and then eventually after 2-3 restarts it would jus stop posting and I would just get a black screen every time I try to turn it on. Now once I get it to finally post and it doesn't crash after a few hours I have to leave it on for weeks or months for the fear that I would have to go through that process of getting out of the freezing issue. At this point, the only time its off is when there is a blackout or if I need to clean it which I do like 3-4 times a year.

Now the reason why I didn't build a new pc earlier is that this has been doing its job pretty well since 2014 and this issue just recently came up the last 2 years I would say. I'm able to play every game I want at max settings with at least playable 40-60 fps and it supports my dual monitor setup for work. Maybe this is just a simple fix somebody can help me out with who had this before but in all the builds I've made I've never had this issue or seen it on another computer so I'm pretty confused. Also, I did replace the CMOS and tried different ram slots for the ram as well.
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