Question Random graphic card disconnection, black screen and loud gpu fans

Jun 5, 2020

I just built a pc around a month or so ago (brand new parts).
Everything was fine :
i7 9700k
gigabyte z390 pro aorus
gigabyte 2070 super aorus
corsair rm650x
corsair Vengeance LPX 32Go (2x16Go) DDR4 3200MHz C16 XMP 2.0

About 2 days ago my screen went black, fans were all (not only gpu it seems) really loud.
Before shutting down I removed one of my screen from the gpu to the motherboard and it still worked. I checked the device manager and my 2070 had vanished.

When I rebooted it was fine but the issue came back (like 4 times a day). Sometimes I'm just browsing web, sometimes I'm playing games and same symptoms.
Sometimes it does it at startup and I need to reboot multiple times.

I tried :
  • clean nvidia pilots installation
  • motherboard bios update
  • all windows update
  • switch gpu to another PCIE slot
  • switch the power cable (slot on the modular psu and the cable itself)

Do you think it's the gpu ? What else can I try ?
Seems like everything else keep working fine if I plug a screen to the motherboard...

Thanks for your help,