Question Random hiccups/intense framerate drop ONLY when playing games recently ?


Mar 16, 2021
Hi, I've recently been encountering some random moments where I am playing a game on my 1yr old PC and suddenly it seems to slow down heavily for about 4 seconds and then return back to normal. I've noticed it happens every 40 minutes during playtime, and doesn't seem to be related to CPU or GPU temperatures as they are the usual and PC isn't too hot (but can provide HWinfo stuff if you want, just tell me how to provide the log). I cleaned the fans and everything today and it still seems to persist. Not sure what to do, I felt like googling this issue would help but it looks like people's issues are much more severer than mine. I have also taken note that the game drops to 20fps instead of the usual 144fps when it happens. Also tried clipping these moments with Xbox game bar but seems the recording cuts off the start due to the stutter/hiccup, so can't really provide much in regards to footage. The issue has been going on pretty much all week. Also want to note that the games are not stuttering due to the "Unlimited FPS" option, it's happening regardless of the framerate cap, and the stuttering only happens when playing games.

Would appreciate any help, never encountered this problem before. I'm a bit concerned that the GPU might be dying.

GPU drivers are up to date as far as I am aware and Power Settings are set to High Performance.

GPU and CPU if needed:
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400 CPU @ 2.90GHz

I've also been having some odd issues going on with the monitor recently but it hasn't escalated to "happening constantly" so I am not bothered about it. Just going to mention this in case it might relate to the problem. Issues such as randomly turning on and off, and sometimes booting my PC from hibernate mode the monitor doesn't turn on (black screen with line of rgb pixels) and the PC reboots itself (blue screen) but these issues only happen every 2 weeks or so.
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