Question random input lag

Jul 10, 2019
i moved to playing fortnite on pc as i see everyone switching to pc because of the advantages of fps and other things. my question is that the game runs smooth at 120 fps on low settings. eveyrtime i start a match the game runs smooth and very responsive but i randomly start noticing a slight input delay during the match. there is no fps drop so i dont know whats causing the delay.
i use a standard latest ps4 controller (with lightbar) and i play wired.
below are my pc specs.

rx 480 asus strix 8gb OC model
Ryzen 5 2600
8gb DDR4 2133mhz
b450 ds3h motherboard gigabyte
corsar vs Series vs550 550w 80+ Psu
Always monitor your ping in real time whenever having input lag while gaming online.

Ideal ping is 10ms or less. A ping of 20-40 can be acceptable, but if it jumps up beyond 50, it can be noticeable in fast twitch eSPort games. At 80 or so and especially beyond 100, it can sometimes feel unplayable, or at least very hard to compete due to being hard to sync shots, especially when opponents are moving laterally at medium or farther distances.