Question Random Internet Drops


Dec 28, 2016
For the love of me I cant put my finger on why my internet just Drops. I've been observing it for the past 2 weeks. I have a funky work schedule so I get home late and usually get on a few games with some buddies of mine to unwind. Never had any issue at all. All the sudden these last two week my connection drops. Sometimes for a second, sometimes for a minute. I'm using WIFI. I've been looking around for potential issues and this is what I've done so far to no avail:
  • Reset/refresh DNS (flushing it too).
  • Channel Changing
  • I've looked on my router logs for any issues, nothing to be found
  • newest router firmware installed, last update was a few months ago
  • Uninstalled/Reinstalled Network Driver
  • Used Different network adapter
  • Verified Drops on other Systems as well, not just mine.
I've been looking everywhere online for solutions and all I see is "Is your router in an epic spot? Did you turn it off and back on? Have you disconnected Unused devices?". Simply yes do not inquire about it and these shouldn't even matter. My internet works perfectly well during the day, I ran OBS on a spare PC for 3 Days for a record and only after 1230AM does the internet shut. The 3 I caught were 2:30am, 1:30am, 2:40am. I hear It might be because of DNS leasing expiring and releasing, but the times are inconsistent and I don't even know if that should drop internet for minutes. I'm clueless. I'm beginning to think my ISP is just garbage.