Question Random keys not working on Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard ?

Jun 13, 2021
I had purchased this keyboard back in 2019 from a website that sells mechanical keyboards. I was typing a message out to my friend on discord today and suddenly noticed my question mark key quit working, along with a few others; my quotation mark key, my right bracket key, and my f11 key all do not type characters (f11 works as a function key but will not type). I am at my wits end as I had zero issues with this board until today. Things I have tried include; swapping cables, swapping USB ports, doing several factory resets of keyboard, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, updating firmware, resetting and shutting down PC several times, cleaning non functioning keys with iso alcohol. I have tried another keyboard on my setup, in the same port even as the one my ducky was in and it works perfectly fine. One thing to note is my keyboard also completely locks up at points and will not type anything (but does open shortcuts with key presses) while opening up the language input on the right side of my screen. Sticky keys are not enabled. Nothing was downloaded or updated prior to this happening and the keyboard has worked completely fine with 0 issues until today. The dip switches are all set in their proper place. The keyboard lights up perfectly normally and for the most part types fine aside from the fact those 4 keys do not work (quotation, question mark, f11 and right bracket) and that the keyboard randomly completely locks up. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance,


Ducky One keyboard: heavy use for daily work and/or gaming?

Does the Ducky One keyboard work on another known working computer?

If not, it may well be that the keyboard has reached its' designed in EOL (End of Life).

Especially if now out of warranty.