Nov 27, 2020
I have been having lag/stuttering when I play games on my newly built pc(it wasn't happening on my old pc). I got a little bit of help before from someone and looked at my pc performance and everything seemed fine. He reccomended playing a game when there were less people using the network and It seemed to be better when there were no people using the network but still had some issues. I also did a speed test and everything seemed normal. I'm not sure if it only looks normal because the lag is kinda random and not a consistant problem. Does anyone have any insight on why this might be happening on my new pc but not my old one, and what I can do to fix it?
So I will assume you playing your game on ethernet and not wifi. Using wifi will cause this issue because of interference from neighbors.

If you are on ethernet then open a background CMD window and leave a constant ping run to When you see issues in the game check this window and see if you have packet loss or very over 100ms variations in the ping time. Problems with the ping would indicate a actual network problem and you would then continue to troubleshoot that. If not it could be some other issue with the game or maybe the game server.