Question Random Loss of Audio/Video

Oct 9, 2020
Hello everyone,

Let me explain the title of the thread.

At random times, regardless of the system being under load or not - desktop, gaming, idling in menus - I lose both audio and video.
To be more precise, the display goes straight to power saving mode, so no crash to desktop nor any BSODs.
The audio goes completely deaf. That means no clicking / popping sounds, nor stuttering or looping. Just deaf as a post.
At the same time, the system keeps "running" and has power, but remains totally unresponsive.

Even after forcibly powering off the system (5sec power button) and powering it up again, it will fail to POST.
The issue gets temporarily resolved / bypassed by powercycling 3 times.
Only then the motherboard boots up into Safe Mode reseting my previous "overclock", prompting me to enter bios and do my settings all over.
Windows Event Viewer shows that the system lost power (Kernel Power ID41) and nothing more.

Regarding the overclock, the only things tweaked are the FCLK (1800Mhz) and the Ram whichs runs at 3600Mhz.
This was set along with the timings and the DRAM voltage directly from the XMP profile.

Temperatures look normal - low 40s high 70s for the CPU and low 30s and high 60s for the gpu.
Voltage readings from bios and HWMonitor are within range (did not test with any multimeter so I take this with a grain of salt).
Furmark does not give out artifacts after a 30min session.
Memtest is clean, too.

More on the specs side:
  • PSU Seasonic TX1000
  • Mobo Asus X470-A Prime Pro (latest stable bios)
  • AMD 3700X (cooled with Kraken X63)
  • Gskill F4-3600c16-32gtznc (XMP since day 1)
  • Asus TUF RTX3080 OC (updated to latest bios)
Note that the PSU and GPU were upgraded back in October.
The system was running issue-free before and after the upgrade up until yesterday when I experienced this issue a couple times.
Software-wise, Windows (10, 20h2) updates are paused and drivers have been the same for the past month or so.

I am a bit lost here. My suspicion is that either the PSU or the Motherboard is kicking the bucket.
Any ideas are more than welcome. Thanks in advance!