Question Random Low Frames and Stuttering on 1080ti / 8700K Rig

Sep 11, 2019
Hey, I have a pretty peculiar issue. So, I’d say about 1 week ago I noticed that my performance in all games tanked hard. I have been troubleshooting since last night and at this point, I really cannot figure this out on my own. So basically, my game performance prior to this issue was perfect. Rainbow Six Siege always ran between 180-220 FPS, CS:GO would run 250+ frames all the time, BFV would run between 140-180 most times, etc. Basically, I would get the expected performance for an 8700K +1080ti rig at 1080p. So last week when I launched CS:GO, I noticed the frames would hover between 90-100. When I got in a match, I faced extreme stuttering and frame drops, the game wasn’t smooth at all. Then I tried Rainbow 6 Siege and the same thing would occur, the frames were around 80-110 FPS with extreme stuttering. I tried most demanding games in my library like Doom and GTA, etc. All showed the same performance.

This is what I did (in order) for troubleshooting:
-First, I reinstalled my Nvidia Drivers. Wiped them out with Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) in safe mode then reinstalled
-Next, I tried running games while closing certain apps. I would close google, Corsair iCue, Logitech G-hub, discord, Afterburner and Riva statistics, precision x. Basically I would close all background apps in my system tray except those required for launching a game like steam and Uplay, etc
-Next, I uninstalled a windows update. There was one from last week or so that was causing 100% CPU usage I believe and was causing issues with the search bar and Cortana. Although I did not have these issues, I uninstalled that update anyway and tried running my games again, but the performance stayed the same.
-Next, I ran CCleaner because at that point I thought there might be a virus or something causing the lag, that didn’t work either
-Lastly, I reinstalled windows. I was planning to anyhow so I just did it last night convinced that would fix whatever the problem was. Unfortunately, it didn’t work either.

So now here I am.

Here is some gameplay to show what’s happening. Notice the erratic FPS graph.

Rainbow Six Siege:


Battlefield V:

3D Mark Fire strike Score:

Unigen Superposition:

HWinfo TXT file:

HWinfo Screenshot:

I greatly appreciate any and all help. If there’s any more info on my system that I need, please let me know, thank you!
Sep 22, 2019
Try putting your 1080ti in a different slot. Sounds like some settings got changed via Geforce Experience or you could have a temp throttling issue as well. Take a look at HWMonitor to see if some temps are 90C+