Question Random micro stuttering in Windows 10


Nov 24, 2019
For about a month, my PC has been randomly stuttering, even on the Windows login screen. At first I thought it was my mouse stuttering, but I realized that it was the entire display. The audio is fine, no stutters there. Around every 1 second, my whole display freezes for a fraction of a second. I've tried moving my windows to an SSD, unplugging all externals, combing through task manager, countless restarts, checking for cpu and gpu spikes, changing HMDI cables, switching HMDI ports, just about everything. It happens on both my monitors, and also happens when either one is turned off. The stutter happens everywhere, whether I'm in a game or just sitting on my desktop. Any help?

It fixed for about 6hrs a couple days ago, and I don't know what happened.

I have a GTX 1060 3gb, and a i7-9700k which has run at ~4.5gHz since I bought it.

Edit: Same problem as this dude, and it has a video to describe what I mean.
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