Nov 17, 2009
I built a system in August of 2010 using these components
Win 7 64 bit
Athalon 2 445 X3
ASRock 770 extreme3
ADATA 1333 4GB (2X2)
Hitachi Deskstar 1TB 3GBs
Shaphire Vapor X 4850 1GB
Cooler Master CM690II Basic
Antec 550 Basiq Modular PSU
CM TX3 CPU cooler

I was able to unlock the 4th core and L3 and sucessfuly stress test it for several hours with P95 64bit without any issues so I have been running it like this all along. Max tempt is 47C on the cpu after several hours of P95. Nothing is OC'd, RAM, GPU, NB and CPU all running stock. Ram timings are correct, 9,9,9,24.

I get 13,350 on 3DMark06
Passmark runs through with no failures

I have an issue with the front panel audio. When I plug in the front audio the system tells me that I have unplugged a cable, as if I was plugging in and unplugging a headphone or speaker into the FP audio port repeatedly. It shows up on the lower right task bar in the RealTec program. I just decided to leave the FP audio disconnected.

The system was stable with 8 hours of Prime95 blend tests but began random OS restarts within about 2 weeks. This was anoyying and happened sometimes 2 or 3 times an hour, but sometimes NOT AT ALL over the course of a few hours use. Doesnt matter what I am doing. Could be playing solitare, or surfing or play COD. it seems to be totally random.

Yesterday I started P95 at 3:18PM. When I went to bed at 12:30AM it was still running. When I got up this mrning the OS had restarted.

I am looking for ideas. Could it be that the case IO has a short?? I pull the wires, jiggle them and nothing happens.
Is it a bad OS install?? Is that 4th core throwing an error every so often??
I am tempted to reinstall the OS but worry it wouldnt fix it. I have considered ordering a new FP IO form CM.
Anyone have ANY idea how to test for and reslove this?
Thanks for considering this and for any ideas