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Question Random PC Crash

Jul 2, 2020
PC Random Crasg

So basically I have had this problem for a couple days where my PC will randomly shut down. First, I checked for temperatures. At full load, my GPU was sitting at 63 degrees the frame before the crash (I externally recorded my temp overlay). My cpu was at 32 degrees the frame before the crash. This crash happens frequently. Next, I decided to check my cables. I unplugged and replugged every cable in my pc. Didn’t fix it. Next, I thought it would be a RAM issue. So I ran a memtest and nothing was wrong. I even tried switching the ram sticks from slots 2 and 4 to slots 1 and 3. No luck. My GPU drivers are up to date, my Windows is up to date, and my Ryzen Master is up to date. What else could the problem be??

Please send urgent help ASAP!!!

My PC Specs:
Ryzen 5 2600 (stock settings 3.4ghz)
RX 580 8gb (stock settings)
ASRock B450m Pro4
Patriot Vipee DDR4 3000mhz (2x8) (XMP)
Seasonic S12 III-500 (500 watt psu)