Question Random PC Crashes in game

Jan 15, 2019
Recently I did an RMA on my graphics card, but after getting it back I have been getting issues with the computer randomly crashing in games. After Crashing the CAPS LOCK button stops working so I am pretty sure that it is a hard crash. When I go into event viewer I get a Kernal error 41 as the cause of the crash. This to my understanding means that I am not getting sufficient power for my PC, but I haven't had any issues until recently. I Checked and all the connectors are in on my PSU as well with the PSU being an EVGA 650 G3. The rest of my components are a Ryzen 3 1300x
ASUS Tuf B450m
2 *8Gb of DDR4 2400Mhz, and I think they are a Ballistics Sport
Then the Graphics card that had an RMA was the MSI RX 580 OC (White version)
If you have had this issue or have any thoughts on how I can fix this please tell me, and thank you ahead of time for any help.

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