Random pc crashes.


Nov 26, 2013

For a little while now I've had this problem with my computer randomly crashing. It only seems to occur during non-heavy processes. I haven't had a PC-crash during for instance BF4. These mainly occur during web surfing or just idling it seems. I'm sure it cannot be related to overheating, since at idle my CPU sits around 40 degrees and GPU somewhere a like. The crashes also seem to becoming more frequent.

My specs and a screenshot of what happens when my PC crashes in the following link: http://imgur.com/6obEXZV,y42y7Cv#1

The pattern shown is always the same, sometimes however the black colums are white instead. First my screen freezes, I then also have no control over the PC whatsoever, and shortly after (roughly 5 seconds) the sound freezes as well.

Afaik all my drivers are up-to-date.

If you'd like more information or want me to check something, please ask me.

Kind regards.

EDIT: I've made this desktop myself about 6 months ago. The first crash was around a month ago I'd say.
EDIT2: I've stumbled across a thread which might apply to my case: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/388143-33-randomly-freezes-crashes
As I disabled the plug in, it suddenly mentioned that a critical update was needed. I've now fully updated adobe flash. Crossing fingers that the fix might be this easy.