Question Random PC crashing. -- Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Aug 8, 2021
Hello, I am Nate, im a 17 yr old casual gamer, and I built my first PC when I was 12. I recently upgraded my PC to this build a few months back.

With that said, Ive always played games with little to no problems, always 75hz, low settings at around 65-100 frames. I usually have discord & spotify running in the background as well. My PC always ran a little hot, and I got worried but I never messed with it because for months and months on end, games would run fine, for hours and hours. 82ish celsius would be the hottest according to overwatch's ingame counter. But randomly my PC has been crashing in the middle of games, at first I figured it was overwatch, but nope, its in valorant too now. So i uninstalled anything new i downloaded since the issues arose, and again, crashing. I updated my drivers aswell. I figure now its overheating? Its never been an issue so I'm not sure. Its really frustrating getting half way through a game and then crashing and ending up getting penalized with elo dropping & time bans. Any help at all would be very appreciated. If there's anything else I can supply to help, i will be happy too. Thanks, Nate.


So the first thing I would recommend is to remove the side panel of your case and see if things stabilize. Pointing a room fan into the case will also help drop temps and determine if your crashes are heat related.

If the PC stabilizes with additional air flow then you'll know you need to address either CPU cooling, case airflow, or a combination of the two.

If you still have crashes happening with improved airflow then your PSU immediately becomes a question that point my suggestion would be to swap it out with a better quality unit.