Random PC Freezes Please Help


Nov 6, 2006
msi k8n neo4 f motherboard
amd 3200+ 939 processor
4 sticks of crucial 256 memory
connect3d x700 pci-e graphics card
2x maxtor drives 160 and 200 gb
soon to be 2x 160gb western digital sata drives

strange to me,probaly easy for everyone else,my system runs fine,been running this system day and night for weeks,not a problem with it,games play fine applications run fine,not overheat problems,not overclocked,but thats with 2 sticks of memory soon as i plug in 2 more,my machine starts to randomly crash and games start to freeze as do everything else no matter what i am doing on the computer,just sitting looking at computer it freezes,sometime it will run for hours,seconds,a day,maybe get a game out of it then boom it freezes not a thing you can do exect push the restart button,the memory is brand new and i have tried these sticks one at a time and system runs fine,the bios is set up for auto detect of sticks and they do get picked up when installed,so cant work out why system freezes with 4 sticks when 2 sticks work fine.any help would be well appreciated.


Jul 2, 2005
This MSI website description of that motherboard has some suggested memory configurations listed; you may want to check them out. Also make sure you have the latest BIOS. Yours is a known issue with some nForce4 boards. You may want to invest in a 512 stick, or something.

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