Question Random pc freezes, sometimes with buzzing noise but not always.

Nov 22, 2020

So I've had this issue for quite awhile, and no matter how much i google and look through posts on forums, i cant seem to find a fix.
My pc will randomly freeze, sometimes it makes a buzzing sound from the speaker, but other times the pc itself just makes a small noise, as in its loading something perhaps? I've tried figuring out where the sound comes from exactly, but i cant figure it out. This issue happens randomly, can happen when I'm playing a game or when I'm just watching Netflix, so under heavy load aswell as when my pc is idle. I THINK it started happening after i got a AIQ cooler installed, but I'm not too sure, and i cant try without it or anything, since I don't have another cooler laying around.
First i thought it could be a broken windows install, so i tried formatting, but it kept happening. I tried to reset everything to default in bios and i updated everything too,, so now I don't know what else it could possibly be, except for hardware.
I'd appreciate if anyone could help me with this, as it's really frustrating, and I've lived with this for a long time now..

Below I added a screenshot of speccy, and if any other information is needed, please let me know, and ill try to provide it.