Random PC restarts on Windows 7 64


Apr 9, 2014
Hi, folks, i'll try to explain my problem in a plain, accurate and ordered way:

- PC restarts itself.
- It only happens in windows 7 64bits. I have Windows XP 32 bits but recently i installed Elder Scrolls Online and i was having game crashes with it, so i considered it could be a lack of RAM. Tha game in windows 7 64 runs good, but sometimes PC restarts. In windows XP 32 computer never restarts.
- It happens mostly when:
1.- Rendering videos (in Sony Vegas)
2.- Gaming
3.- Watching vídeos online (flash).
It's not totally random (as i said) but sometimes i can play, render and watch vídeos at the same time without restarts. Sometimes it restarts just by watching vídeos. But it MOSTLY happens in the order i said: render, games, vídeos.

Tests i've done:
- Replaced power supply. Now i have a 800w PS.
- Replaced RAM. I had 2 DDR2 slots 2Gb 800Mhz. I bought 2 DDR2 slots 2Gb 1066Mhz. Tried new slots only but resets happened as well. Now i have all 4 slots running at 800 MHz and i cant see a difference, it restarts so often as with only 2 slots (old RAM or new RAM the same).
- Updated MOBO drivers and BIOS drivers (and graphic drivers, of course).
- Temperatures are OK.
- I never overclocked any component.

The most important thing is that this is not happening in Windows xp 32. I tried, long ago, Windows Vista 64 and this happened too, but i thought it was a Vista problem. Now i think it's a memory problem but happening the same with old and new memory? Different manufacturers even.

I let you my specs, temps and CPUZ data:

MOBO: GA-MA790FX-DS5 Gigabyte
CPU: AMD Phenom 9750 Quad-Core 2.4Ghz
HDs: 1 Seagate 3320620A IDE, 1 Samsung HD501LJ SATA.
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 550GTX Ti

NOTE: These are the temperatures without stressing the system. Under stress it NEVER reaches 60ºC.
Notice a difference in tRAS of DRAM in CPUZ of the new memory (slots 3 and 4) and the old one (slots 1 and 2).
You can access this image in: http://postimg.org/image/sg4fdlenr/

Thank you in advance
ok. sounds like bad ram... but first of all lets make one thing clear... That cpu HATES mix and match ram. It will get very unstable with different ram sticks and different ram speeds and different ram sizes. Get rid of the old sticks of ram, try it with a single stick of the new ram. see what happens.
First I think you should test the ram with Memtest86+. Download the file and burn it to a CD/dvd/Flash drive and run it as a boot device. let it run for 11 passes. IF it does not error then the ram is stable. If it does error the ram is unstable. This will let you know if it is a Ram issue or not.

Have you stress tested the other parts of the system? CPU, GPU, Checked smart functions of the sata drive?

the way you describe the issue it sounds like a OS compatibility issue. Either with the motherboard or a program in Windows itself. I would do a complete stress testing regimen first to rule out any sort of Hardware issue first then go in to determining if there is a software conflict.


Apr 9, 2014
I made the "Intensive test of your computer", 1 cycle, it took 5 hours. I have the report in txt but it's in spanish.

Yesterdey, before i went to bed, i left memtest running and today i found the computer turned off. I've looked for a report in the USB flash where memtest is loaded, but i couldnt find it.

The oddest thing i've noticed is my computer hasn't restarted in the last 3 days, even rendering, gaming and playing flash videos. I've moved the computer from my room to a closed balcony in my house, i do this every year when summer is coming. The other thing is my windows 7 began to install updates.

I let you voltages and temperatures drop by Sandra for the last test report. Some errors appear after that but they're related with some tests about drives that dont exist in my computer, so i guess that's normal. I have noticed 1 CPU temperature reached 81 degrees Celsius, never seen that on CPUID HWMonitor:

Fecha y hora: 21:40:39
Temperatura de la tarjeta prin:37.00°C (~37.00°C : 37.00°C - 37.00°C)
Temperatura de CPU: 30.00°C (~30.00°C : 30.00°C - 30.00°C)
Temperatura de CPU nº2/auxilia:81.00°C (~81.00°C : 81.00°C - 81.00°C)
Ventilador del sistema: 1493rpm (~1493rpm : 1493rpm - 1493rpm)
Línea DC de CPU: 1.238V (~1.238V : 1.238V - 1.238V)
Línea DC de CPU nº2/auxiliar: 1.904V (~1.904V : 1.904V - 1.904V)
Línea DC de +3.3V: 3.328V (~3.328V : 3.328V - 3.328V)
Línea DC de +5V: 5.107V (~5.107V : 5.107V - 5.107V)
Línea DC de +12V: 11.856V (~11.856V : 11.856V - 11.856V)
Línea DC de la batería: 3.152V (~3.152V : 3.152V - 3.152V)
Línea DC de memoria: 1.188V (~1.188V : 1.188V - 1.188V)
Línea DC de CPU: 23.800A (~23.800A : 23.800A - 23.800A)
Energía de la CPU: 117.810W (~117.810W : 117.810W - 117.810W)
Fecha y hora: 21:40:39
Temperatura de la tarjeta prin:25.00°C (~25.00°C : 25.00°C - 25.00°C)
Ventilador del sistema: 1290rpm (~1290rpm : 1290rpm - 1290rpm)
What is the exact brand and model of memory you are using? the reason I ask is this voltage seems slightly low for a ram. Línea DC de memoria: 1.188V (~1.188V : 1.188V - 1.188V) Yes they do sell low voltage ram and this is why I am asking what you are using to make sure you voltage here is enough. I believe the lowest I have seen for ram voltage so far is 1.2000V as a reference.


Apr 9, 2014
How can i know that and why this is an issue only in win 7?

I have had a restart a few minutes ago. I had a web browser open (chrome) with several open pages. I had Elder Scrolls Online Launcher updating content and 2 online chats enabled: RaidCall and Mumble. I had finished watching a video on facebook, after it ended i tried to share and BUM, restart. I wasn´t rendering, playing or watching vídeos (it had ended).

Thank you for your support, bgunner, but, how can i know if voltages are OK? I cant trust Sandra, because when i use CPU-Z, it says 1.8 V. Now i dont know if that's the used voltage or the needed one.
Have you run memtest86+ yet? this will tell you if there is an issue for sure with the ram. to check voltages you need to enter the Bios and look at what they are set to. After looking at your HWmonitor screen shot it has the voltage at 1.9v so you may want to make sure it is set proper in the bios.

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