Question Random PC Shut Downs

Mar 26, 2020
This is my first post on tomshardware, so I’m hoping I’m doing it right. Anyways, I’ve got a computer that randomly shuts down. I don’t really want to have to spend money on fixing it, and so I’ve just left it as I can turn it right back on after it shuts down. But today I decided to check the psu. Upon searching for the brand “Mi PC” I found nothing. Does anyone have info on this power supply? If so, I’ve got a few more questions for you.
A.) is it a reliable psu (I’m guessing not)
And B.) Do you think it’s what is causing my problem and should I replace it? And if so, what should I replace it with?

I’m a noob to PC building and bought this pc off of craigslist about half a year ago. This problem started recently (within the last week) and did not appear when I was purchasing the pc.

The model number on the PSU is:

And my pc specs are:

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2620 0
GPU: Colorful GTX 1050 TI
Storage: 120gb SSD, 500gb HDD
Case: some rosewill case
Mobo: A Chinese x79 mobo
Ram: 16gb DDR3