Question Random ping spikes during AM hours


Mar 8, 2017
Hello, I recently started getting ping spikes that last around 10 minutes. This happens mostly from 12am to 5am, I rarely experience the ping spike outside of these times.
I am on ethernet, and when the spikes happen, my internet speed is fine. Also, there isn't any packet loss during the spikes.

I tried pinging my ISP and Router, and both the pings were fine. However, when I pinged the ping spikes were there.
I have searched online for my problem, but I haven't found much. Any information would help, thank you so much.


What are you doing (gaming, working, etc.) when the spikes occur and how are you seeing the spikes?

Could be problem somewhere beyond your ISP - unfortunately there is likely little or nothing that you can do about that.

Run "tracert" and "pathping" targeting google. Especially at the time the spikes are occurring.

Post the results.
Generally network issues that are time of day are caused by other people.

Running on ethernet like you do eliminates say your neighbors wifi which is a very common source.

This leaves a overload on your connection and a overload in the network someplace. Can you tell if you might have other machines on your network that might be using bandwidth. It could also be something like a backup or some software update loading in the back ground of your machne. Check the data rate in the resource monitor network tab and see if there is anything unusable.

After that you start to suspect it is outside your house and you need to run some of the tools in the previous post to find where it is. It is generally very hard to get a ISP to fix ping/latency issues in their network. They do not promise latency they barely promise some "up to" download rate.