Question Random ping spikes

Mar 18, 2021
In the last 6 months or so i've been experiencing seemengly random ping spikes, ranging from 260 ms to over 1700 ms, sometimes every 30 sec other times every 5/6 seconds (my normal ping is around 20 ms)

i've tried disabling the wi-fi searching for others network ( and it did not work.

I also ran antiviruses scans with no avail, tried installing glasswire to see if something was interfering but it seems that therre were no out of the ordinary connections.

i've tried to change wi-fi adapter to no avail (from a netgear usb wi fi adapter to an asus pce ac 1300)

This issue only happens on my pc, i have another one in a room adiacent to mine and there are no ping spikes there (the modem on the ground floor while my PCs are on the first floor), on an ethernet connection there are no ping spikes, but sadly i cannot run a cable and i've tried a powerline and it halves my speed. Also this happens even while my pc is the only device on the wi-fi connection.

here are the ping tests i've run using View:

I would really appreciate some help as i've tried everything in my knowledge and i have no clue how to fix it, thanks in advance for anyone who tries to help me.
That autoconfig thing fixes spikes that happen on fixed time for many people.

You will never see interference with glasswire. The interference is damaging the data in the wifi. The wifi radio chips are doing the re transmission of the data it never even gets sent to the computer so you can't see it. It would be nice if these chips had some diagnostic but they are locked up pretty tight.

You have tried all the common way to fix this, changing the adapter pretty much replaces all the hardware and drivers. This means it has to be something about where the pc is located you would think.

What is your concern about the poweline networks. How slow is it. Pretty much only games care about the wifi ping spikes. Online games need almost no bandwidth. Many run well under 500kbps.

At this point it maybe easier to just attempt to live with the problem. You could use the powerline for most your usage and when you actually need the higher speed unplug the ethernet and it will switch to the wifi. Downloads will not be affected by ping spikes.
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