Question Random problem with RX580 and 144hz monitor

May 5, 2020
I'll have my specs posted below for reference before I get into my problem.

When using DVI-D to my Acer 144HZ monitor, I get perfect quality, refresh rate works fine, its all fantastic. I wanted to use display port so I could use my DVI-D on my fiancee's computer, and immediately when I plugged the display port into the back of my 144hz monitor, the monitor black screened, then showed odd blue-grey lines and dots.

I can recreate this problem constantly, and even have a workaround (Interlaced 30hz refresh rate and anything below that seems to work fine for some reason?) however, it leaves my monitor useless.

I've made sure my graphics drivers are up to date, even going so far to fresh install them. Any info would be great, I've exhausted all my diagnostic means for this problem, and haven't even found somebody with a similar issue.


Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
16.0GB DDR4 @3000MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX
X470 GAMING PLUS (MS-7B79) (AM4)
Acer ED242QR A (1920x1080@144Hz)
8192MB ATI Radeon RX 580 Series
512GB Intel SSD
2TB Seagate HDD

Update; As far as I can tell, hardware isn't an issue, unless its specifically the display port that's dead on the monitor. The Display Port cable works fine, and I can get it to work repeatedly, just not through this monitor at 144hz. I don't have another monitor with display ports, so unfortunately testing that isn't something easy.

List of things I've tried/checked;
BIOS settings (Nothing to indicate the graphics are just not being output from the right graphics rendering unit)
Windows settings (Changed the refresh rate specifically through Windows, and it displays every setting from 23HZ to interlaced options, to 144HZ, but only displays on the monitor through >30Hz)
Reinstalled Windows
Reinstalled GPU drivers
Installed/reinstalled MOBO drivers
DDU to remove drivers and reinstall
Windows to remove drivers and reinstall
All 3 display ports produce the same result
My GPU was used when purchased, but I've noticed no issues what so ever until now, and even then the display ports still output video fine to the monitor, just not at the settings I'd like.
AMD Freesync on/off
USB Selective Suspend Setting off/on
DDC/CI on/off (through monitor)
Quick Launch on/off (through monitor)
Auto-Detect on/off (through monitor)

I'm at my wit's end at this point, I've got an RX 5700 XT showing up in the mail (Ordered WAY before discovering this problem) so hopefully its just something stupid to do with the GPU that I never would have known about otherwise. I can post a video of the monitor showing what it does up there, if need be, as the color starts black, fades the blue in, then white starts to show up covering everything about equally until its all a big light-grey square on my monitor. If ANYBODY has ANY kind of info, or workaround for this kind of thing, I'd love to give it a try.

My last resort is ordering a new 144hz monitor (I want one that's VESA mountable anyway) and seeing if a new monitor works. I'd like to not pursue that option, if I don't have to, but if need be, I can.
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May 5, 2020
Have you tried using a different DP cable
I have not. I unfortunately do not have any others at hand, though supposedly the cable is meant to support 144hz. I did bring this up as a possible issue to myself just a second ago, too. Its odd, I can see every option for displaying to this monitor, from 20-23interlaced to 50-60 and up to 120 then 144. Normally I figured if the cable couldn't support it, it wouldn't show those options at all.