Random Questions, Can't find much info on GT 545


Oct 2, 2011
My friend has been pondering buying an Alienware machine with 2 GT 545's in it (1GB cards). I have been trying to convince him to build, or atleast upgrade the 2 to a GTX 580, with the ability to add a second one later.

An I off on telling him to get the GTX 580 or is the 545's a good deal? Seems like really low end card considering the price of his system.

By no means am I trying to compare the price value between these to cards, obviously the 580 is a better card but a lot more money. I guess I am more wondering if dual 545's would give you better performance than a single 580 1.5 card?

The Alienware system he is looking at is $1700... a built system with the specs he is providing is about $1050 which is why I was wondering.
A single 580 outperforms 2x550ti so yes it will outperform 2x545. If he doesn't want to build (although as I'm sure you are aware, it's the best way to go) there are companies like cyberpower or ibuyerpower that have pretty good prices for prebuilts with custom parts. Alienware(dell) is overpriced and overhyped.