Question Random Reboots- I tried everything

May 9, 2020
Ok I'll try to be detailed yet brief. I was having random reboots that started in December on my new GTX 1660. I gave it to my son, and it works fine. I took his GTX 970. I reboot. I tried a GTX 650 and i never reboot.

I went to Bestbuy as a test and got a Thermaltake 700 watt PSU. Same as above. With the 650 I'm fine, nothing else. Thinking it was the MB, i replaced my i56500 with n AMD 3600 and AMD board. So i have new MB, new memory, new M.2 but the original PSU and case. I stuck with the original PSU since the new one didn't help.

So now on 2 completely different builds, i reboot randomly. Evan take an old game like SWTOR. Sometime it reboots simply loading. All new stuff, and DC'd the reset button also. OCCt was running on 1080 yesterday for 30 minutes with no crashes, CPU was at 69 C Now i reboot loading one game.

I cannot for the life of me understand how 2 build and 2 PSU cause reboots. I also plugged the PC into the wall and UPS and same result. It only happens with higher end cards and never ever outside of gaming.

Current Build:

AMD 3600
MSI b450 Tomahawk max
PSU Seasonic S2 620 Watts
m.2 drive
DC's the other SATA ssd for now.

Any help would be great. Thank you.