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Question Random Reboots & Shutdowns

Oct 4, 2019
So I've been having some PC issues with my computer shutting down randomly and I wanted to get some help. Kind of a long one.

It started last month where it shut down a couple times when I was at work. Then it didn't return until two weeks ago. It kept shutting itself down either without a shut down screen or with one. No BSOD. It did it over and over until my power died, which also fried both my drives in the process. I then got a new power supply entirely and it stopped for about a week.

It shut down again just a few hours ago.

I thought it was a Bluetooth dongle I bought since it had some error in the event viewer. It also had Kernel-Power errors originally when the old power supply fucked up and shit down entirely.

Now I don't know what to do. I replaced my drives and PSU and redid my wiring and made sure everything was plugged in correctly.

Could it be the motherboard ports dying? The mobo itself? The RAM?


ASRock Extreme4
i5 4670k
GTX 1070

If there's any more info you guys need, I will provide as much as possible cause I just want to locate the issue.
I should also mention the new power supply did mitigate the shut down issues for a time before it shut down again recently.


1) Try to use the " Reliability Monitor Tool ", you may or may not find something.

2) What PSU did you have?

3) Did you try just use one stick RAM ?

4) May try to use the onboard iGPU only to see the PC will do the same or not.