Question Random Reboots ?

Mar 14, 2023
Help with Reboots


I have been getting what seems to be random reboots(no bsod). It started one day while watching netflix, it starts back up pretty quickly. Its happened in BIOS menu, while playing, idle, basically doesnt matter where I am. I have switched out all the components, though it was the mobo sent it to asus just to get a "couldnt replicate customer issue". I noticed something weird yesterday; in HWinfo and bios and armoury crate I saw the 12v rail of the mobo was fluctuating between 9.2s to 11.2 something like that. Got myself a DMM and checked at both ends of the psu cable all the voltages where steady and perfect. 3,5,12 and -12 all in the exact number maybe .01 +/-. Could this still be a psu issue considering the good voltage readings under load and idle and considering i did a psu swap im very skeptical. Or is it something on the mobo. Is there a way to narrow it down further or just rma the board again telling them its the 12v. I should note after the board came back from rma my last thing was to uplug a fan i noticed the rgb was spazzing out, so i did and it didnt happen again so i chalked it up to the fan but sadly it reappeared.


MOBO- asus tuf x570

GPU- asus 2070 super nvidia

CPU- ryzen 9 3900x

RAM- trident z 2x16gb 3600mhz

PSU- corsair rm850x

2x m.2 ssds

UPS (external)- apc 1375va

Additional things ive tried:

Jumping the pc without the power and reset sw

there was a spazzing out rgb fan took out all the rgb things (after that it worked for the 3 months sinse asus said it was good i tried that and it worked so i assumed that, but its back)

swapping all parts with good modern parts ryzen 7, another psu same model, etc

reseating all the parts and conections

ive done a bunch of software/windows stuff, but if it happened in the bios (i might stupidly assume its got nothing to do with anything on the ssds)