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Question Random Restart. possible cpu problem? i9900kf

Apr 9, 2020
Built a Pc using :

Msi z390 gaming pro carbon ac motherboard (new)

corsair 750w PSU (new)

i9-9900kf cpu (new)

2 x t-force xcalibur ddr4 8gb ram (new)

corsair h100x cpu cooling (new)

gigabyte 1080 graphics card ( 1 year old)

thermaltake level 20mt argb tower

so once put together everything seemed fine.. Until it could be maybe 3 hours into using or randomly 2 minutes after booting up it restarts no BSOD just black instant reboot. then it may continue after first one with more frequency. i took it back to shop where they replaced MOBO and PSU but it still seems to be doing it. Ive swapped out Ram used other graphics cards (it works fine testing in my old pc and others) and it still seems to have issues.. Done full wipes of HDD and re install even used old boot drive from my other pc still black screens. any ideas? After initial problems i thought it was my own fault putting it together but even techs at store replaced parts and rebuilt and still has problem.. only thing that isnt replaced is tower, Cpu cooler and CPU.. my question is could it be faulty CPU?