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Question Random restart ryzen

May 27, 2020
Hello, i have a pc
ryzen 3 1200
hyperx ddr4 2666 8gb
ssd m.2 plextor
ssd plextor sata 512gb
hdd wd blue
gtx 750 ti
ocz 550 fatality
MB gigabyte ab350m-ds3h v2

If i install the video card on first slot 16x sometimes i get restart, is random restart most time in idle ( firefox, youtube)

If i move video card on second slot x16 2.0 x4 2.0 pc run perfect.

I get random restart , pc run 1 week, it can run 2 week and then random restart for 1-3 day and again run with no problems some days

Pc, just freeze for 10second and restart, without other error, no bluescreen nothing

in lifekernel i get this dmp

I have last driver, last bios, last update windows 10

On other MB video card run ok

Only on my MB have problems in first slot, on second slot it run perfect

Is MB with problems?