Question Random restarts on cold boot


Jan 4, 2014
Have been having a weird issue where my build will always restart on a cold boot after about 10 minutes. After the restart there are no issues so currently I just turn my computer on wait for the restart and continue with normal use. I've been putting it off but need some help troubleshooting what is going on.


Background info: The issue started to appear shortly after I upgraded from a GTX 970 to a GTX 1080 founders edition. I do not have the 970 anymore so I cannot directly test if the card is the issue however the card seems to work fine. On cold boot after 10 minutes give or take the computer randomly restarts, usually the screens display a flash of a different color green, blue etc and restart.

Things I have tried:
1. RMA the power supply
2. Turn off eco mode on the power supply
3. Rollback 5820k overclock to stock thinking power difference between 970 and 1080 was too much as I only have a 550 watt gold psu
4. Checked through the windows event viewer but didn't find anything helpful
5. Rollback gpu drivers, don't think it is software related as the same issue occurs in linux but rather than restarting it just freezes up

Any ideas are greatly appreciated