Random restarts while gaming

Feb 7, 2019
Sorry for another thread on this (I read through several) but, like everyone, I feel like this situation is a little different. This is a new build(5 days old) and also my first build. I'm a noob forsure.

CPU: Xeon x5675 3.07ghz (Used)
Cooler: Cryorig M9i (New)
MB: Asus Sabertooth X58 (Used)
Ram: 12gb Samsung 1600mhz in triple channel (Used)
GPU: Sapphire RX 580 Nitro 8gb (Used, mining i assume)
PSU: EVGA 600W 80+ (white I assume) (New)
SSD: Adata SU650 240gb
Case: FSP CMT510 (New, Not great)OS: Win 10 64bit with all updates, installed from usb, not activated yet
19.2.1 driver installed for gpu, haven't updated mb

Restarts randomly while gaming. Sometimes it could be after several matches, at the start of a match, ect. Seems to happen in all of the games I've tried so far, Fortnite, Pubg, Creative Destruction, and Apex Legends. Has crashed once in Heaven benchmark. Occasionally on a restart it'll freeze on Marvell 88se91xx, I'm guessing here, looking for my ssd?
Seems to do everything else just fine, only crashes were in games only while under a load or ramping up to full usage. Still randomly. Event viewer showing Kernal Power 41 after a restart of course. Also have some dcom errors which I've tried to take control of but was unsuccessful in the attepmt.

Attempted diagnostics or solutions
Factory clocks on everything! Have swapped ram around to diff slots. Ran Memtest86 for about 3 hours with 0 errors. Ran Prime95 last night for 10 hours 40 mins, 0 errors on 230ish tests. Looped Heaven for about 6 hours no problem aside from the one time it crashed previous to that run. Firestrike and Time spy run no problem.I run MSI Afterburner with stats overlay to monitor temps and usage, CPU will rarely make it to 55 degrees and gpu struggles to make it to 60-62 degrees at 100% usage and 175 watts. Voltage meter on psu molex connector shows 12.0x volts all the way to the restart (as far as I know). Removed everything from the case and built it on a box to make sure I had a connectors in completely and to rule out anything funky with the case, this is when i had the one failure on heaven benchmark, but played Creative Destruction for about 2 hours this way.

I'm so frustrated with this thing that I really cant even remember everything I've done. I have noboby to swap parts with, unless I make a new friend lol. The only thing i can think of trying next is to wipe windows and reinstall but before I do that I figured I'd throw it out here and see what you all think. Any and all help is appreciated. BTW no bsod here just restarts without warning.



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