Question Random restarts with new 3060 OC'D ?

Dec 20, 2022
Random restarts on brand new 3060. It's a legit buy, didn't get scammed. For some reason it only works better when on power hungry games, rarely restarts. But when it's idling or if i'm playing simple games or using the browser, it decides to do it there. GPU temperature stays under 80 celcius, cpu temperatures are good staying under 50 celcius. I've tried underclocking, DDU, uninstalling the drivers completely. Factory resetting the pc. Keep in mind that it was built a year ago

32 GB ram chineese brand
1tb nvme crucial ssd
Antec ne650m 650 watt psu
Gigabyte b350m ds3h mini atx motherboard
Chinese water cooler for cpu (suprisingly does a great job, keeps cpu temperature under 50 celcius and has an average of 45 celcius, it's overkill.
75hz sceptre monitor (I know, i plan to get something better)
And I think thats about it, I have a coolermaster that has great airflow.

I do have a integrated wifi card placed directly under it, covers up a quarter of the fan. Not sure if that's a problem? Any suggestions, advice, or help would be greatly appreciated since I'm starting to lose my mental stability.