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Question Random restarts with RAM upgrade

Jun 28, 2020
Here's my system

Aorus X570 Pro Wifi MB
Ryzen 7 3700x
Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super
G. Skill 750W power supply

Now originally I had G Skill Ripjaws DDDR4 for 2x8gb at 3200. I was gifted some Corsair Vengeance a 32gb (4x8) kit at 3600.

I installed them and XMP was running them at the wrong speed. And my computer was randomly restarting in graphic intense parts of games.

I updated the the newest Bios version and XMP recognizes them at correct speed. But the problem persisted.

I asked on another forum and was told to bump the voltage to 1.35. Which xmp was saying is the needed voltage. Bios was auto setting voltage to 1.2. I changed it and its been on 1.35 for over a week and now its started random restarting again.

If i disable xmp and run it at the set 2133 mhz it seems to run fine but obviously I want that speed of the sticks.

I'm at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Its generally recommended to run 2 sticks instead of 4. From what I read 4 sticks puts more load on the cpu's memory controller and it can be harder to achieve higher and/or rated speeds. Depending on the reviewer I have seen DDR4 stated as safe voltage of 1.400 to 1.450, you can try going a little higher. Otherwise you can try reducing the speed or loosening the timings.
Apr 9, 2020
Try cinebench at 3600mhz 0.if the pc restarts try 2 sticks at 3600mhz and if it fails again try only one stick at 3600mhz to clarify that the rams are OK. If even with one ram stick at 3600 the pc restarts then maybe there is a problem with the memory controller of the cpu. I have the exact same problem and today i returned my 3600x to the Shop for a check. I Will inform you when i have news.