Question Random section glitches and lines then freezes to a solid color, cleaned CPU now wont boot

Nov 24, 2019
This only happens once I load windows and has gotten worse in the past 2 days. In the bios and setting up a new windows it works fine. I've tried with and without a gpu, a new psu, a different ssd with a clean windows, and new ram and the issue persists. There is a red light near my memok switch, which I've tried holding down but it doesn't turn off despite hardware changes. Then I removed the CPU to clean it and apply new thermal paste and now it won't even reach the bios. No beeps. The monitor just says no connection. I'm out of ideas and money, anyone have this happen to them?
Have you tried a base setup? Clear CMOS, just one stick of ram, CPU, GPU and try booting. If it does not work move the RAM to another slot and finally try the same with the second stick as this might be a RAM issue.