Question Random shut down after upgrade

guy with a problem

Mar 19, 2015
I upgraded my gpu in the last week to a 5700 xt from a gtx 980 superclocked. I had a full custom waterloop with my old gpu and since i didnt have a cpu air cooler I rigged up a cpu look loop with a 120 rad. played some VR at a friends house durring the weekend and had no problems.

I come home and play some minecraft and after a while notice the radiator is super hot, I hadnt put a fan on it since the case had a bunch of them so as my computer starts to freeze up randomly im looking for a fan and screws. I get the fan attached and the temps drop pretty fast.

I spectate one of my friends playing a game while I wait for them to be done (thinking everything is fine). My computer just freezes out of nowhere, I restart it and get one long and three short beeps as a beep code (conventional ram failure, so I start testing all the Ram stick and get the same beep code everytime. can anyone help me figure out what's going on?